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DSG hosts talented Ukranian family seeking new home

We were delighted to welcome a family who have fled Ukraine and are seeking a new home and treatment for the father who has suffered a serious stroke. Parents Liliia and Glib are currently living near Cullompton with children Sofiia and Andrii but hope to move to Plymouth, Bristol or Exeter so Glib, a former Maersk ship captain, can have extensive rehabilitation. As you can see, 13 year old Sofiia is a gymnast who has competed at national level. Brother Andrii plays the Bunduru, a Ukranian instrument with 62 strings. Sofiia excels at ballet and the piano and both children attended the musical Lycee school in Odessa where mum Liliia was an English teacher at the university. Now the family is looking for a home near good schooling, sports facilities and medical care so if you can help please let us know! The family enjoyed a cruise from Galmpton down to the sea where an added bonus was seeing competitors from the Channel Classics Yacht Race sail into Dartmouth. Thanks very much for Bob and Sue Miller for hosting the family on the day and buying us all ice creams!

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