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Durston Cup Results

Jo Heaton            2              1              1

Steve Oakey       1              3              2

Robert Boyd       3              2              4

Brian Hignett     4              4              3

Michael and Ian 4              5              5

Race 1 – A triangular course with long reaches across the river. Robert led the first two laps but was overtaken on the last beat by Steve and Jo as slightly more wind and a slight wind shift in the centre of the river paid off.

Race 2 – A simple windward leeward course saw Jo lead from the first mark and stretch her lead with Robert, Steve and Brian following in her wake. Micheal with Ian as crew were hampered by the additional weight but tried everything by heading up Mill Creek in the hope of gaining be avoiding the tide.

Race 3 -  A more complicated course which required a Support Boat to show the sailors the way around. Despite this Brian, who had at last got his boat clear of weed to lead the first lap, got confused and let Jo and Steve past. This was the closest race of the day. We were grateful for the Greenway Ferry waiting while the fleet crossed the river.

A day of superb and at times very close racing with blue sky and a lovely breeze.

Ian Wakeling


Dart Sailability

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