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Out of touch? Want to keep in touch?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We have forums

That's great for those of us who've found our way in, but what about everyone else?

There've been so many folk asking how to get in that we've produced this route map:

Step 1 – Finding The Forums

Look up at the blue menu bar. Right hand side you'll see:

Put your mouse pointer on "Members Area" and a drop down menu opens:

The lurid green arrows point to the word 'Forum' in red. [Sorry, those who are colour blind]. Click Forum. You will end up here:

Step 2 – Getting in

  1. First time?

The first time you come here you will need to create an account. Follow the red arrows in the picture above. The blue arrows are for those of us who have an account already.

When you click "Get Started" (red arrows point to it) you arrive at the "Sign Up" screen.

Enter a valid email address and create a password, one that you will remember, and click "Sign Up" and follow the steps.

  1. Every other time

If you already have an account, follow the blue arrows or follow the tiny prompt "Already a Member? Log In" and the screen switches to the Log In screen

Enter your email and password and you arrive at the forum: