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The Fleet

The Hansa 303

It is the ideal boat for someone's very first sail as they can be accompanied by an experienced sailor and they can start in the crewing role and be trained in the use of each element of control i.e. Jib only, Mainsail only, Helm only, then combinations until she/he is controlling the whole boat. They can also be trained in the basics of racing strategies and tactics.

Hawk 20

The Hawk is a 20ft self-righting, self‑draining, shallow-draft, centre-board, sea going dayboat built in GRP. Whilst it has exhilarating performance and is suitable for racing or cruising, it is also extremely stable. This makes it an ideal boat for our sailors who want a little more excitement! 

Drascombe Longboat

The Longboat has proved a popular choice for many sailability clubs. Its safety and stability are key to the confidence and development and for group activities. The seaworthiness and roomy cockpit area are ideal and the flexible sail plan is a huge advantage. It is ideal for an instructor to be able to take parties of up to 9 people out on the water to experience the thrill of sailing. 

The Ark




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