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There is something for every competitive sailor at Dart Sailability from formal to fun. Recently, we have made changes to our fleet of sailing boats and we have moved our base from Noss, Kingswear to Galmpton, 2 miles up-river. Therefore, our racing will be different in future. 


What will not change is the competition between our fleet of six Hansa dinghies. There will be a series of races and silverware for the winners (see the list below). We also run other less serious, but none the less competitive fun events such as our ever-popular Games Day. 


Our neighbouring Dittisham Sailing Club runs several series of races and we hope to join them. 


Dart Sailability has always taken part in the premier event in the area – Dartmouth Regatta. We plan to race our Hawk 20 called “Equalizer”. 

hansa dinghies racing at dart sailability

Watch this space for updates on our plans for Summer 2021. These will evolve as we emerge from Covid restrictions and we become accustomed to our new location in Galmpton.


Dartmouth Royal Regatta Sailing Week is four days of racing in Start Bay in August. There are normally two races per day.

Dartmouth Regatta logo
RDYC Wed racing 22 May 2018
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The Royal Dart Yacht Club is highly supportive of Dart Sailability and welcomes our members to join them at the Yacht Club for social visits at any time. 


See their website here

Racing Information

For those sailors wishing to be competitive at Dart Sailability. During a season we compete for the following trophies:-


BMAD - single and double trophies.

A race from Noss on Dart Marina upriver to the Anchor Stone at Dittisham and return. If conditions are unfavourable the course may be shortened during the race. 2 to 3 races are planned each season. 


Durston - single and double trophies.

2 - 4 short course races are held at Noss on Dart Marina during a race session. 3 - 4 race sessions are planned each season.


Founders Shield

2 - 4 short course races are held at Noss during a single session. A more disabled sailor helms and is paired with a more able crew or Volunteer.


DSG Regatta

2 - 3 short course races are held at Noss on Dart Marina during a single session, usually in August. In the past sailors from other clubs have been invited. The winning single sailor is awarded the Flair Cup and the winning doubles pair the Sue Holman Trophy


RDYC Team Racing

2 - 4 short course races are held at Noss during a single session. 3 pairs from RDYC (juniors) race against 3 pairs from DSG


Jennie's Cup

Awarded to the most improved sailor during the season.

Hansa racing results 2019

Table showing Durston final racing results 2019
BMAD final racing results 2019

High point scoring system, see below for infomation on scoring system.


See the following link for a full explanation


Basically each double boat gets a point for each boat it beats (including single boats) plus 1 point for crossing the start line.


The single boats only score points for any single boats they beat. So if there was only one single in the race they would score 0+1 point for crossing the start line, even if they beat 5 double boats. They gain a point towards the Single Trophy but do not have an undue advantage over any double sailors who may be sailing single in future races.


Zero points are awarded for a no show and 1 point for non finish.


The sailor with the highest no of points wins the series and is rewarded for beating the highest number of boats in the series.


It's possible to have only 1 winner of the doubles even though it's a double series as the teams do not remain the same.

If you would like to sail or have more information please contact our

Chief Sailing Instructor - Anna Christie