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There is something for everyone at Dart Sailability from formal to fun. Our core racing programme is based on our fleet of six Hansa 303 2 seater dinghies which can be sailed solo or crewed. There are a series of races and silverware for the winners. See below for details and the season's race results.


We also have fun days with the Hansas such as chasing tennis balls released from the safety boat and following the safety boat to improve sailing skills.


Besides the Hansa 303 fleet there are 2 single seat Hansa Liberties, "Oscar" an RS Venture Connect keelboat,  "Equaliser" a Hawk 20 keelboat and "Kanata" our Drascombe longboat.


Our neighbouring Dittisham Sailing Club hold evening races and an annual Regatta. We will participate in some of these races according to demand from Sailors and availablity of Volunteers. Last season Kanata took part in the Regatta "Old Gaffers" race and Oscar in the dinghy races. It is anticipated that the Liberties may race each other during the DSC evening races.

If you would like to get involved in racing please contact Brian Hignett .

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Racing Trophies

The following trophy events are held during the season 


BMAD - single and double trophies.

A series of 3-4 out and return races.


Durston - single and double trophies.

A series of 3-4 short course races per session held at Galmpton.


Founders Shield

2 - 4 short course races are held at Galmpton during a single session. A more disabled sailor helms and is paired with a more able crew or Volunteer.


DSG Regatta

2 - 3 short course races are held at Galmpton during a single session, usually in August. In the past sailors from other clubs have been invited. The winning single sailor is awarded the Flair Cup and the winning doubles pair the Sue Holman Trophy


SGBA Team Racing

2 - 4 short course races are held at Galmpton during a single session. 3 pairs from SGBA (juniors) race against 3 pairs from DSG


Jennie's Cup

Awarded to the most improved sailor during the season.

Roma Cup

Awarded to the best performing team from either DSG or Rutland Sailability at the Hansa UK Nationals held annually at Rutland or Portland. The cup was donated by ex DSG volunteer Roma who used to live "in the depths" of Rutland Water before it was flooded in 1975.

Scoring system


In the conventional scoring system known as the "Low point system" the sailor with the lowest number of points wins the race or series. However if we apply this system to our races it can result in multiple winners. The reason being that our double teams change from race to race and sailors may sail solo one week and double the next. To overcome this problem we use the "High point system," follow this link for a full explanation


A further complication is how to score solo boats mixed with doubles. The performance of the Hansa 303 is affected by crew weight, a solo will overhaul a double crewed boat except in a stronger breeze. To overcome this a solo boat only scores points for beating other solos in the race whereas a double will gain points for each double or solo boat it beats.


The sailor with the highest number of points wins the series and is rewarded for beating the highest number of boats in the series. If there is a tie, the sailor who participated in the least number of races wins.


It's possible to have only one winner of the doubles trophy as the sailors move between teams!


Hansa racing results 2023

(L = Liberty, D = 303 double, S = 303 single)

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