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Introduction to DSG Standard Operating Procedures

(Op Procs)​

Op Proc 3

Pontoon Manager (PM)  Responsibilities & Guidance

Op Proc 6

Hoist Operations

Op Proc 7

Hansa Preparation

Op Proc 12

Power Boat Preparation

Op Proc 18

Life Jacket & Bouyancy Aid Policy

Op Proc 20

Defect Reporting

Op Proc 23

Support Boat Skipper

Op Proc 26

Arc Skipper

Op Proc 32

Sailing Areas & Hazards

Op Proc 1

Sailing Session Routine

Op Proc 4

Shore Lead Responsibilities & Guidance​

Op Proc 6a

Hansa C Crane Manual

Op Proc 10

Hawk 20 Preparation

Op Proc 16

Radio Operation

Op Proc 19

Incident Management

Op Proc 21

Injury Reporting

Op Proc 24

Safety Skipper

Op Proc 30

Hawk 20 Skipper Responsibilities, Competencies & Guidance

Op Proc 33

Operating Limits

Op Proc 37


Op Proc 2

Officer of the Day (OOD)

Responsibilities & Guidance

Op Proc 5

Pontoon Operations

List of DSG Standard Operating Procedures 

Op Proc 11

Drascombe Longboat Preparation

Op Proc 17

Man Overboard Recovery

Op Proc 19

Incident Management 

Prompt Cards

Op Proc 22

Incident Reporting

Op Proc 25

NAB Skipper

Op Proc 31

Drascombe Skipper Responsibilites

Op Proc 36

Dartside Quay Safety Precautions

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