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Bart's Bash - 18th Sept 2016

Sunday 18th September 2016

Both our Sonar Paralympic class boats competed in Bart's Bash on Sunday afternoon. This is a global charity raising money for projects worldwide to help those folk with disabilities go sailing. Click HERE for details of Bart's Bash and what it does.

Every sailor who went afloat for the global event on the weekend of 17 and 18 September 2016 was asked to offer a donation of £5 to the charity, more if they wish. And we took our two Sonars out on Sunday with one team of two and one of four. Gerry and Steve O sailed Sonar of Dart, and Tim, Robert, Colin W and John sailed Krak On. Our host club was the Royal Dart Yacht Club. If we had photos they would show flat calm, followed by more flat calm. Sails were held by hand and delicately until, with massive regret, the Race Officer made the call to abandon the race. But that did not abandon the charitable donations, nor the event. And, despite going nowhere for ages, everyone was well pleased with the day. And, as for performances from each of our boats, we were no slouches. We take our fun very seriously! Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.

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