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RDYC Eddystone support

The Royal Dart Yacht Club is supporting the Eddystone Pursuit Challenge with a day's gentle racing and supper on 10th June - a week before the event. Our member Chris Smith is taking part in the challenge with yacht Linnea on 17th June. Altogether 12 boats from the RDYC are taking part in the challenge from Plymouth to the Eddystone Lighthouse and back with each crew choosing a charity to support. We are grateful that Chris and crew have chosen DSG and wish them the best of luck! If you would like to take part in the RDYC racing or book a table for dinner (6.3-pm - 11pm) on 10th June please contact the club direct. Altogether £20,000 is distributed to charities from the challenge and participants also raise money for their own charities.

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