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The cabin at Noss is ready for the new season. The cabin has been reorganised, ventilation improved and a new rack built to improve buoyancy aid, life jacket, and sling storage. A few furniture moves and a transfer of the boat boxes to the workshop have miraculously created a Tardis like illusion of more space.

Life jackets are now stored according to their buoyancy rating in Newtons, i.e. 150, 275, etc. and buoyancy aids by size. A bonus of the new approach is that wet jackets and buoyancy aids can be hung so that air circulates around them and they will dry. Please be attentive to the labels on the end of the racks and make it your personal responsibility to ensure that jackets and bouyancy aids are always replaced in their appropriate location.

A reminder of our Operating Procedures in relation to Personal Flotation Devices:

Personal Buoyancy Automatic inflatable lifejackets must be worn by disabled sailors. Volunteers may wear buoyancy aids in the river, but must wear lifejackets at sea.

Lifejackets and buoyancy aids are provided by Dart Sailability and must be worn at all times when on the pontoon or when afloat. They should be the correct size and correctly fitted (The lifejacket is to be the correct Newton rating to match the weight of the person wearing it and capable of righting the person in their clothing). If in doubt ASK for help. Volunteers may wear their own safety equipment, but it is at their own risk.

At the beginning of the new season please get an experienced volunteer to check that your choice of jacket or buoyancy aid is an appropriate size and fit for your stature, your clothing, and the prevailing conditions.

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