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An audience with Keith White

An illustrated & interactive talk

Single Handed Sailors Usually have Two Functioning Hands!        

Not Keith White, Single Handed Solo Yachtsman

Disabled sailor and Dart Sailability member Keith will be telling us about his adventures during his solo sail around Britain and Ireland in 2017. He will also talk about sailing solo across the Atlantic, his attempt at a solo and single handed global circumnavigation in 2015 and about his time running supplies to the Pirate Radio station Radio Caroline, too!

He's appeared on the RNLI reality TV documentary Saving Lives At Sea, and knows first hand that the RNLI is wonderful. Acute appendicitis saw him airlifted off the 2017 Round The Island Race.

This is a charitable fundraising event for Dart Sailability

Monday 26th March 2018, 7 for 7:30pm, ending around 9:30pm

Galmpton Village Institute

£5 per ticket for Non Members of Dart Sailability.

No charge for Members who may offer a donation if they wish.

Light Refreshments will be available. There'll be a raffle, too!

Tickets by emailing

Or call 07775 845425

Book fast to avoid disappointment

All proceeds to Dart Sailability to help folk with disabilities to go afloat. Registered Charity 1155753

Hold The Date – Monday 26 March 2018!

We have a real treat for you all. This is the “Hold The Date” announcement for the event at Galmpton Village Institute – Wheelchair friendly, parking plentiful.

Time? 7 for 7:30pm and expected to end around 9:30, later if you ask enough questions!

Keith White, our literally single handed Dart Sailability sailing member, is heading our way from his home in Cowes in March and, if we're a good enough audience, will talk to us about his experiences afloat. By 'good enough' that means that we get to ask him questions!

Who is Keith? Oh wow! Wikipedia is your friend here. Keith met us in Dartmouth in October 2015 at the start of his bid to sail solo and single handed around the world. But, even more than that, remember Radio Caroline? You will after you hear him tell you about his exploits!!

Keith supported Dart Sailability during his recent bid to circumnavigate the British Isles (marks to starboard) single handed. He helped us raise funds then, and he's back doing it again.

The format is “An Audience With Keith White” where Keith will answer our questions about his life and sailing career. Even better than that we hope very much that Dart Sailability can use this as a fundraiser!

Our idea is that members may give a donation if they wish and non members will come for a £5 ticket per head as part of fundraising for us. We're looking to extend invitations to all local sailing clubs, local interest groups, Sir Joseph Porter's sisters and his cousins (whom he reckons up by dozens) and his aunts, and the entire crew of HMS Pinafore, plus every last Pirate of Penzance!

Will there be a raffle? Yes there will!

There'll be light refreshments, too. Want to volunteer to make some?

How do I reserve my place? I don't want you to sell out before I've got mine!

Simple. Email and tell us and tell us how many.

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