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Don's adventures success

It was a packed house as members and friends were transported to the beautiful Blue Danube and the mountains of Switzerland, Austria and France thanks to Don Fallon's amazing illustrated talk. It took place at Galmpton Village Institute Hall where the audience enjoyed hearing all about Don's hand cycle adventures in Europe with son Tim - and what incredible photographs! The kindness of strangers was a recurring theme as Don and Tim battled scary and unhelpful train guards, access issues and other concerns with members of the public immediately stepping in to help them on their merry way. The evening raised £412 (ticket sales, raffle and donations - thanks to all who contributed) and guests enjoyed chatting over refreshments as we look forward to the new sailing season which begins on 4th May. Many, many thanks to Don for putting in so much work to make such a great event, to Carrie for organising it, to John Risdon for his help setting up the IT and ensuring everything went smoothly. It was a really fabulous event and you can read all about Don's adventures in his wife Dawn's upcoming book ... watch this space!

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