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Event volunteers needed!

We really need some help with external events which are very important in spreading the word about the great work the charity does. A willing volunteer has already come forward but we need a few more of you! The role includes identifying opportunities for our exhibition (ie village fetes, bazaars, shows etc.) and filling in the necessary paperwork which is usually very simple, processing any entry fee (basically giving it to our treasurer for payment), organising the setting up of the stand (banners, leaflets etc.) and organising a rota of volunteers to help on the day. Some events also require a health and safety assessment and we can help you with this. The type of events include Galmpton's annual Gooseberry Pie Fair held in July and the concerts being done at the Old Fishmarket in Brixham throughout July and August. If you can help please call Kate on 07800-910413 or email

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