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Excellent Feedback from RYA Members Satisfaction Survey

Some time ago you all received a survey from the RYA. We have now received the report and I am very pleased to report that over 35% of members responded compared to the national average of 27.3%. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Even more pleasing was our overall Customer Satisfaction Index of 89.5 compared to a national average of 83.8 and well amongst the highest scoring clubs. This is scored by taking all your satisfaction scores and weighting them by the importance you placed on each topic. It clearly shows that we are doing well on the things that matter most to our members.

Thank you also for the comments you provided. The positive comments are most welcome and encourage the Management Team and all volunteers to keep doing what we are doing well. We have also noted the constructive comments on where improvements can be made and will be taking appropriate action, although many may need to wait until Marina Development is complete before we can make much progress.

The Management Team recently undertook a review of last season which combined with the survey results has led to a number of actions being commenced to improve the operation of the club and the opportunities offered. Watch out for more details as the new season approaches, or have a chat with one of the team and share your thoughts.

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