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Having served four years as the DSG Fundraising Trustee, Mike Pleass is standing down at the end of 2019 as a Trustee. We have an obligation to change Trustees on a regular basis, so are looking for one or more new members of the Trustee Committee from January 2020. At present there will be no specific role for any new members, apart from joining the Committee in overseeing activities and ensuring the Management Team have the facilities they need. There are four meetings each year, but often discussions take place during sailing days during the season. No special qualifications are required, just a willingness to take part. Please contact the Chairman, Neil Strevens on or 07974725416 to discuss.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike for all the hard work he

has put in as our Fundraiser during his term; he has secured a large quantity of funds from various sources which have enabled us to update and maintain our fleet and continue to give our sailors the enjoyment of life on the water and he does it without the need for us to stand on cold corners shaking buckets! Thank you again, Mike!

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