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River Dart no sewage campaign

Did you know that sewage was dumped in the River Dart for nearly 10,000 hours last year and that there were 1,600 incidents? The Friends of the Dart is a new group which has launched a campaign to get Bathing Water Designation in four sites (Dittisham, Steamer Quay, Stoke Gabriel, Warfleet Creek) from government department DEFRA. The body needs to know that these locations are frequently used by 100 people in a four hour period over two days. Users include swimmers, sailors, kayakers, canoeists, paddlers and anybody who enjoys just messing about on the river. Please send photographs and letters of support and fill in the survey at by 20th September. Whatever your aquatic activity, please let the group know so we can ensure the River Dart is as clean and safe and can be. If Bathing Water Designation is attained, sewage dumps would be cut to a maximum of two per year - a massive improvement.

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