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Trustee Announcement - We need your input!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Steve Oakey and Neil Hockaday have started the ball rolling on a reference document outlining the places on the River Dart where there is reasonable access for those that are mobility challenged. A copy of our initial draft is below titled 'DRAFT' Dart Sailability

River Dart accessibility development, which we hope is fairly self explanatory.

We need input from as many river users as possible. The Harbour Master has already circulated the draft to the three Stakeholder Groups and others, but the most important input is from people within Dart Sailability who have had direct experience of getting ashore in various places (or not as the case may be!). It would be great to get photos of people actually going ashore at the listed sites.

At the Trustee Meeting earlier this week, it was agreed to circulate the document to all DS members, volunteers and friends, and carers as well as putting the document on the DS website for comment.

Neil will collate your responses which we hope to get by the end of September.

In essence, we need comment on the accuracy and usefulness of the approach in the current document, and changes additions or clarification on the listed access points, or indeed any additional access points that have been used. In due course we will  circulate the developing draft to the rescue services such as the RNLI, HM Coast Guard and the Fire Brigade, as they all have river evacuation plans in their possession.

Neil Hockaday


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