DSG clothing for sale!


DSG clothing for sale!

Hoodies - £21.00 in Heather Grey (light grey) or Sapphire Blue

Polo shirts £11.00 in Heather Grey (light grey) or Sapphire Blue

Sizes : NOTE: For Hoodies, this is the actual measurement, It is advised to order a size bigger than usually worn

For Polo shirts - the fit of these is more a "generous" fit, so order your "usual" size.

XS = 34"

S =36"

M = 40"

L = 44"

XL = 48"

2XL = 52"

3XL = 56"

4XL = 60" (these come in Grey only)

Shore Party have a couple of samples of each item so take a look when you are next at Galmpton Creek.....

If you are interested in any of these items, please log in to your membership mojo on the DSG website - under personal details select SHOP and you can choose and pay directly on line.

Any queries, please contact Louise Harris via email groups@dartsailabiity.org

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