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RYA Conference

At the Sailability Conference on 15 February, Andrew Cushen was recognised by the RYA for his contribution to Sailability. The conference and awards dinner were attended by sailors and volunteers from across the country. Anne Blood, Claude Cazzola and Ian Wakeling represented Dart Sailability.

The citation read

“Andrew has driven the evolution and development of Dart Sailability. He took on the role of Principal in 2014, and has made sure it is managed robustly, drawing in the skills of all those involved to make it work smoothly.

From those all important procedures and policies, to keeping a health relationship with the landlord (Noss Marina), he has always sought out new ways of working.

Andrew was instrumental in bringing a large powered vessel capable of taking wheelchairs to Dart. The Farriers Flyer is in great demand and enables members to enjoy all the River Dart has to offer. Of course Andrew wanted to take things to the next level and was instrumental in developing the scheme we now know as Powerability.

Andrew is the sort of person who keeps the show on the road, always steps up when it is needed most and is on hand to offer help and advice to whoever asks.

Dart Sailability is a happy, safe and democratic place. Andrew has been at the heart of that. Everyone involved has a great deal to thank Andrew for. “

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1 Comment

Tim Trent
Tim Trent
Feb 18, 2020

A wholly well deserved award. Andrew gathered a team around him to do everything he achieved (and they with him), and then passed the baton to others to build on his good work. This is in the best traditions of Dart Sailability. He built on his predecessors' work, and we are in a good state today because of all those historic efforts.

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