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Stoke Gabriel team racing

Squalls and storms did nothing to dampen the spirits of young sailors competing in team racing between Dart Sailability and Stoke Gabriel Boating Association on 8th July. A sense of competition triumphed over the finer details during the Hansa 303 dinghy competition and despite some challenging weather, the Stoke Gabriel Team triumphed to win the perpetual Team RacingTrophy. Well done to everybody who took part and to all the volunteers who made it happen, especially DSG sailing officer Bob Miller. Age, sex, physical and mental abilities were diverse and well represented with the girls triumphing in the last race, the Stoke Gabriel team bagging first and Dart Sailability's female helms coming second and third. Dart Sailability looks forward to welcoming Stoke Gabriel to next year's challenge (and be warned... we're already plotting our strategies!)

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