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Maintenance Tuesday 10th March - Antifoul Day!

Yes, its that time again. We need to get the antifouling finished (if the weather allows). We now have a launch date for the boats - mid April - so we need to start getting all the boats finished. It looks like we will be back in our normal berths for the new season, only with a lot more water beneath the keel and a few more navigational hazards.

Just thinking out loud: If any of you have been skiing in Italy, ocean cruising, visiting relatives in the far east or antipodes, or have children at Churston Grammar and you have a temperature please stay at home! Otherwise, no excuses.


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Tim Trent
Tim Trent
Nov 30, 2019

Support 1 is being refurbished with new tubes in as near the original bright yellow colour as possible. Two reasons, the primary one being visibility and safety. The secondary reason is that we're all used to it

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