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Jano Party

It was a busy day for Paul, the OOD, on Tuesday 28th August at Premier Noss Marina. He had to accommodate not only an inconvenient early the tide but also ceremonial duties. Before sailing began the new Support 2 RIB, Jano*, was formally commissioned. Despite the early start there was a terrific turnout of sailors and volunteers to meet our special guests for the event, Roy and Sarah Fuller. Special because they are trustees of the charity that donated the significant funds required to purchase not only Jano but also new sails for the Hansa dinghies. We also welcomed Sean Semmens, from Dart Sails and Covers in Dartmouth who have made the sails.

Sarah conducted a naming ceremony, bathing Jano with a small bottle of bubbly.  Roy and Sarah then put to sea in Jano. Sarah took with her a garland of greenery to offer to Neptune for Jano’s good fortune.  Roy and Sarah spent the morning watching the sailing activities and helmed Jano up and down the river.

On their return an informal celebration party had been convened outside the Dart Sailability hut, featuring more bubbly, drinks, nibbles, and the most spectacular cake. Many thanks to Carrie for organising this surprise for our visitors (and ourselves).

Most of all, many thanks to Roy and Sarah from all at Dart Sailability for the generosity of the charity they represent, and for coming to Noss to gain a close understanding of our organisation, our people, and the real value of their contribution to our activities.


*Jano is a Brig 500L RIB sourced from a local Devon company - Wolf Rock in Churstow, Devon and was designed and manufactured in the Ukraine.

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